MPS - Moroder Project Service was founded in 1999 and operates in

- Golf Course Design
- Project Management
- Engineering
- Real Estate Consulting

AIS Bozen/Bolzano was founded in 1992. The company offers services which include civil engineering, architecture, urban planning, industrial planning, mechanical, electrical and energy systems, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, economics and legal advice, with construction supervision, project management, inspection and commissioning. AIS Bozen/Bolzano operates internationally.

AIS Bozen/Bolzano guarantees the high quality of complex projects and systems regarding technical and functional solutions, investments and operating costs, environmental impact and social aspects, by the cooperation of specialists right from the start of a project and subsequently.

Dr. Arch. Wilfried Moroder was President of AIS-Arch-Ing-Service from 2002 to 2010.

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