Sport Centers

Due to the multilateral interest of Arch. Moroder the Studio's planned and built a wide range of sport facilities. In order to reduce the environmental impact we also analysed and restructured the urban situation of the building site.
Some of the projects include open-air facilities (football, tennis,
volleyball, ...) as well as sport halls for indoor activities: gym, basketball, bowling, climbing walls, grandstands, etc. These complexes often comprehend the interior equipment and design of bar/restaurant, club and member rooms.
The focus in all this projects was the gentle and environmental friendly integration of the facilities in steep and hilly areas. The scaling in landscape and the splitting of the volumes were an important step to realisation.

In the last couple of years architect Wilfried Moroder's also been designing golfcouses and has therefor founded the Golf Design Firm
MPS - Moroder Project Service.

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